Garlic Lobster Masala

lobster masala

Like most people I find it intimidating to cook a whole live lobster. So I love to cook with lobster tails, its simple to work with and I don’t have to kill anything.  Since lobster meat is delicate and sweet, I deviated from strong flavors but used some spices to enhance and compliment the lobster meat…. 

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garam masala ingredients

How To Make Garam Masala

In today’s post I will be covering Garam Masala Powder. It’s the essential spice in most Indian dishes. It’s a blend of various dry spices to achieve a fragrant pungent floral note. Indian curries, use this powder as a finishing touch to give it a punch of flavor.  Garam in hindi means hot, not necessarily… 

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garlic sauce

Easy Lemon Garlic Sauce

Today’s post is all about garlic sauce, which is the favorite condiment in our household. We top baked chicken, kebabs, and sandwiches, pan seared fish and roasted potatoes with it.  I usually have a batch in the fridge; it stays fresh for 2 weeks or so. My husband is the one that introduced me to… 

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Green Masala Shrimp Dish

Green Masala Shrimp

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a splendid day. In today’s post I thought I’ll share a quick and simple recipe for shrimp. If you don’t like shrimp or are allergic, you can substitute it with any other protein. It will still be delicious! I came up with this recipe when I wanted a… 

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