A Twist on Beef Lumpia

beef lumpia

Lumpia is a fried spring roll made with minced meat and a variety of vegetables, made famous as the Filipino eggroll.  Some varieties are fried with raw pork or beef, others with cooked filling. For safety reasons I like to fully cook my meat before filling the lumpias.

vegetables for lumpia

Lumpias uses an array of vegetables but feel free use what is on hand and personal preference. The only substitutions I wouldn’t make are garlic and red onion because they are the foundation of flavors. I used a series of colorful vegetables like sweet red bell peppers, crunchy celery, savory red onions, and crispy carrots. Soy sauce and rice wine vinegar are added to season the meat. The rice wine vinegar is mellow and sweet, great for balancing the salty bite of soy sauce.  Rice wine vinegar is low in acidity, unlike other varieties of vinegars…. 

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Beef Kebabs with Pickled Onions

Beef kebabs with pickled onions

In today post I would like share my world famous beef kebab recipe! Okay maybe not “world” famous, but they should be! It is moist and full of flavor and it will blow your socks off!
Growing up I had kebabs in all varieties. It was one my favorite appetizer served in Indian weddings. Some were heavenly but most of the time it was heavily charred, dry, and relied too much on the accompanying sauces for flavor. Then I decided I should come up with own version. After experimenting a few times, I finally come across a method that I am happy with. Creating a curry like base insured moist and flavorful kebabs.

With the numerous steps and ingredients it might be overwhelming, but overall it’s pretty straight forward. Once you taste it, it will be well worth it!… 

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