What exactly is Tikkaa?

Tikkaa is a fun play on the popular indian dish “Tikka”, which specifically refers to a type of curry or marinade in which meat or vegetables are cooked in.

What is Tikkaa.com about?

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Sophia. For as long as I could remember I loved the art of cooking.  When most toddlers would excitedly wake up Saturday morning to watch cartoons, I would wake up to watch my favorite cooking schools.  I was just fascinated how simple ingredients would transform to a delicious dish. As soon as I was allowed to be in the kitchen I would practice my chopping skills, do all the prep work for my mom while she slept after her night shift.  As I got older I tried my hand at making salads, soups, and grilled meats.

Growing up in an Indian household, I didn’t always have the ingredients that Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin used in their shows. So I would improvise and substitute with what we had and it would still turn out delicious. I would cook American classics and my favorite Italian pasta dishes. My parents loved it because it was a break from the typical Indian fare. But I never dove into Indian cooking; I was too intimated thinking it was way too complex and difficult.

Then I got married to someone who loves Indian food! So I started experimenting with Indian cuisine, failing miserably my first few times. I started looking up recipes, learning how to incorporate spices, watched my mom, watched YouTube videos, and started going to Indian stores to see the various whole spices and herbs. My first successful curry was Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken), I had to merge several recipes and my own additions to get the right balance of flavors. With learning Indian cooking, I understood flavor pairing, the importance of fresh ingredients, and the importance of grinding my own spices.  I was able to achieve restaurant quality Indian food at home.

Tikkaa is about showcasing indian dishes, experimenting with other cuisines, and reviewing interesting specialty foods and restaurants. Thank you for checking out my site! :)